Friday, July 24, 2015

Celebrity's 2015 Top Chef Signature Sailing Nov 14, 2015

Celebrity's 2015 Top Chef Signature Sailing, where passengers will be joined by six of Top Chef's popular and talented cheftestants on a delicious island — hopping journey through the Caribbean. 

7–Night Eastern Caribbean Getaway Cruise > Celebrity Reflection - November 14, 2015 - Miami round-trip
Featured Cheftestants: Gregory Gourdet, Doug Adams, Nina Compton, Chris Crary, Tiffany Derry, Ash Fulk
Top Chef Signature Sailing Activities, Meet & Greets, Just one opportunity to hobnob with the chefs, take photos, and ask questions.

Quickfire Challenge 
Three teams, guided by a Top Chef chef, will battle against each other in a series of culinary challenges (everything from peeling potatoes to preparing an entrĂ©e). Fellow guests in the audience will determine the winner. 

Top Chef Night in the Main Restaurant 
This interactive dining experience is hosted by the chefs and features full menus of dishes they created. 

Private Cooking Classes (additional charge and limited availability)
The six chefs will each host a private cooking class. After the learning is done, the group will savor a delicious lunch in one of our specialty restaurants. 

Private Dinners (additional charge and limited availability) 
The chefs will each host a private dinner that features a complete menu of dishes created by the hosting chef. This mouthwatering event will be held in one of our specialty restaurants. 

NEW! "Dual" Cooking Demonstrations 
This time around, we're taking our cooking demonstrations to the next level. The two participating chefs will be battling against each other as they tell the audience about the dishes they're preparing and answer questions from the audience. In the end, the audience members choose the winner. 

NEW! Chef–hosted Shore Excursions (additional charge and limited availability)
Join the chefs ashore! Some chefs will host specially chosen shore excursions that let you experience the destinations with them.

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Carnival Corp. Reaches Settlement on ADA Violations

Carnival Corp. Reaches Settlement on ADA Violations

Carnival Corp. and the U.S. Justice Department reached a landmark settlement agreement to promote cruise ship accessibility to people with disabilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The settlement seeks to provide greater access on 62 ships in the Carnival Cruise Line, Holland America Line and Princess Cruises fleets, according to a Justice Department press release.
The settlement is the result of an investigation of complaints that the company failed to properly provide and reserve accessible cabins for individuals with mobility disabilities; reasonably modify policies, practices and procedures to accommodate individuals with disabilities; afford individuals with disabilities the same opportunities to participate in programs and services, including embarkation and disembarkation; and provide effective communication during muster and emergency drills.
The allegations were investigated by the Justice Department, and Carnival officials cooperated throughout the process. “This landmark ADA agreement will enable individuals with disabilities the opportunity to equally enjoy a full range of cabins and services that previously were unavailable while vacationing on cruise ships,” said U.S. Attorney Wifredo A. Ferrer of the Southern District of Florida.
“We are pleased to have reached this agreement with the U.S. government which was borne out of a cooperative effort,” Carnival Corp. said in a statement. “We have historically maintained a strong focus on accessibility and have a longstanding track record of meeting the needs of all our guests. We will continue to do so with even more enhancements in staff training, accessibility policies and communications, as well as additional shipboard accessibility features.”  Under the agreement, 42 ships and seven under construction will be surveyed and remediated to comply with the ADA regulations. Accessible cabins will be dispersed among the various classes of accommodations and will provide a range of accessible features, including features for guests with hearing impairments.
Carnival Corp. also will pay a civil penalty of $55,000 and $350,000 in damages to individuals harmed by past discrimination. The corporation also created brand standards that address an array of accessibility issues and policies to implement them, and will provide ADA training to employees and managers. In addition, Carnival Corp. will appoint an ADA compliance officer at the executive level and two ADA responsibility officers for Carnival Cruise Line and Holland America Group, which includes Holland America Line and Princess Cruises. Also, each ship will have ADA officers responsible for resolving ADA-related issues that arise at sea. “The ADA guarantees people with disabilities equal access to public accommodations,” said Vanita Gupta, principal deputy assistant attorney general and head of the civil rights division. “Cruise ships are ‘floating cities’ and provide a wide range of facilities and activities subject to the requirements of the ADA, such as lodging, dining, entertainment, recreation, and medical facilities. People with disabilities who travel must be able to count on getting the accessible cabin they reserve, and the cruise lines must provide equal access to the choice of amenities and attractions that passengers expect from a major cruise company like Carnival Corporation.”  Under the settlement, 3 percent of the cabins on 49 ships will be made to meet three levels of accessibility — fully accessible cabins, fully accessible cabins with a single side approach to the bed, and ambulatory accessible cabins. The remaining 13 ships will be subject to possible remediation if they continue to be in service in U.S. ports four years after the agreement is entered. Plus, the reservations systems will allow individuals with disabilities to reserve accessible cabins and suites with specific available options and amenities, and to guarantee reservations for accessible cabins.  For more information on this and cruising, contact at 203-288-1884 or email:

Friday, July 17, 2015

Norwegian again raises suggested gratuity

Norwegian Cruise Line said it will raise its suggested daily gratuity amount to $13.50 from $12.95, effective Aug. 1. For guests staying in suites, the new rate is $15.50, up from $14.95. It is the second time this year that Norwegian has raised gratuities for staff members. On March 1, the rate went up from the previous suggestion of $12.  When not pre-paid, gratuities in the suggested amounts are automatically added at the end of a cruise to a customer's onboard account. They can be adjusted upwards or downwards by visiting guest services. 
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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Nickelodeon leaves Norwegian Ships

Nickelodeon leaves Norwegian Ships
Norwegian announced that its agreement with Nickelodeon to provide Nick-themed entertainment aboard select ships will end later this year.
The Nickelodeon entertainment will end on Norwegian Epic as of October and on the remaining four ships beginning in January 2016. It also will not appear on the new Norwegian Escape, which is due out in November. The partnership launched in 2010 and included Nickelodeon-branded shows, opportunities to meet characters such as SpongeBob SquarePants and Dora the Explorer, the Nickelodeon Pajama Jam Breakfast, Dora’s Dance Party, Story Time with Dora, and Nickelodeon arts and crafts.
“We are always looking at new ways to further enhance the onboard experience and bring new ideas to our guests,” said the Norwegian President. “As we continue making significant investments to further elevate our family programming and entertainment, such as our new Guppies Nursery and expanded sports deck on Norwegian Escape, our family offerings will continue getting even better. Norwegian said it has seen a 20 percent improvement in guest satisfaction with its complimentary youth programs — Splash Academy for kids and Entourage for teens — since they were redesigned in 2012.  “We’re proud to say there’s something for everyone around every corner of our ships, from circus school and scavenger hunts to themed events and parties,” 
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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Celebrity Promo lets Consumers chose Amenities

Celebrity Cruises is introducing a new inclusive pricing program that lets consumers choose which extra amenities they want during their cruise.

The “Go Big” pricing structure goes into effect July 6 for sailings starting in October 2015 through April 2017. It is good for ocean-view stateroom categories and up, but excludes the already all-inclusive Celebrity Xpedition voyages in the Galapagos as well as trans-Atlantic and trans-Pacific sailings. All bookings, except inside cabins, can choose from four amenities — prepaid gratuities, $150 onboard credit, a Classic Beverage Package, and unlimited Internet.
Those who choose to “Go Big” get one amenity while “Go Better” would bundle in two of those extras at a slightly higher price. And “Go Best” gets all four for an inclusive product for a higher price, which is still lower than what they’d pay onboard for the same things. The “Go Best” prices include a premium beverage package instead of the Classic package.
The goal was to keep it simple and easily understood, she said.
“Those four amenities never change,” “It doesn’t matter if they book ocean-view staterooms, Concierge Class, Aqua Class or a suite. It’s all ships, all cabin categories, and all destinations.”
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