Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Royal Caribbean Changes Crown & Anchor Society

Royal Caribbean International changed its loyalty program for past passengers, effective Jan. 21. The Crown & Anchor Society now will award points per night cruised instead of one credit per cruise regardless of length. The program will now award one point per night on a cruise and two points per night in a suite. The rationale is to reward passengers who book higher-level accommodations and take longer cruises, said Vicki Freed, senior vice president of sales.
The first level, Gold, previously kicked in with one cruise credit; now it will take three points. The second level, Platinum, is achieved now with 30 points instead of the previous five credits.  For example, Freed said, a guest who takes a 16-day cruise in a suite will earn 32 points—instead of one credit—and attain the Platinum level. Previously, that would have taken five cruises. The change also adds two new levels—an Emerald level that falls between Platinum and Diamond and kicks in at 55 cruise points, and the top-tier Pinnacle.
Pinnacle Club members will be recognized with the benefits of the entire program and complimentary cruises at certain cruise-points milestones. Guests who have a minimum of 100 cruise credits before Jan. 21 will be the first to be invited to join the new top Crown & Anchor Society member tier. Moving forward, Pinnacle Club status can be achieved with 700 cruise points, equivalent to 100 seven-night cruises or fewer cruises if members choose to sail in suites or on longer itineraries.

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