Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Crystal Cruises Expands Voluntourism Program in Europe

Crystal Cruises is expanding its complimentary "You Care, We Care" voluntourism program to more places in Europe. This year, participants can spend four to seven hours, on average, of their vacation helping those less fortunate in Ukraine, Italy and Spain. The program already offers volunteer opportunities in Greece, Estonia, Norway, Croatia, Germany and Ireland in 2012. New philanthropic offerings include providing assistance to the homeless at a social services center in Odessa, the 400-year-old charity brotherhood of Pio Monte della Misericordia from Sorrento and Naples, and the gardens and greenhouses of a charity that supports disabled persons by growing medicinal and aromatic plants and providing job training in the gardening field from Valencia. Guests can also help protect endangered marine life at the CRAM Foundation in Barcelona. Those sailing Europe this summer and fall can also help rescued sea turtles in Athens, hungry families in Tallinn, homeless cats in Bergen, underprivileged youth in Dublin, disabled persons in Livorno, the elderly in Dubrovnik, and troubled children in Navplion. Crystal Cruises has committed to arranging the logistics and offering at least one volunteer excursion free of charge on every Crystal ship.  For more information on this program and any Crystal ship and sailing contact at 203-288-1884.

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